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When it comes to innovations, Marco Prüglmeier and Alexander Pinker are not new to the business.

Marco Prüglmeier has directly followed and driven these processes and developments in his previous professional life for many years, he was part of the ever faster implementation of innovative technologies in the context of modern intralogistics.

As a future strategist, startup expert and lecturer, Alexander Pinker always draws the greatest added value from the future. His focus on the current innovation technologies, trends and the associated communication with employees, but also with partners and customers, becomes clear when reading. In their book “Innovationen in der Logisitk” (Innovations in Logistics), they both take you through the innovation process to the logistics world of tomorrow.

Logistics Expert & Innovator

Marco Prueglmeier

After studying mechanical engineering with a focus on production technology at the Technical University in Munich and a year abroad in industrial engineering at Arizona State University, Marco Prüglmeier completed his studies with a practical diploma thesis in automation technology in Barcelona.

In more than twenty years working in the automotive industry, he gained experience in assembly and logistics and developed into an expert in supply chain management, lean production systems and innovations in logistics.

He built up the innovation department for logistics, including a “Logistics Innovation Lab” for BMW AG and founded the company’s own startup “idealworks”. Since then, BMW has sold not only cars and motorcycles, but also autonomous mobile logistics robots (AMRs).

In 2019, BMW AG received the German Logistics Award from the German Logistics Association (BVL) for the “Logistics NEXT” project.

After that, Marco Prüglmeier founded his own innovation consultancy i2market and a startup for robot-operated urban fulfillment centers.

His personal mission is to support others on their way towards the logistics of the future and for this he also frequently hosts his own podcast episodes on the international channel “The Logistics Tribe”.

Marco Prüglmeier is married, has two sons and lives in Munich.

Innovation-Profiler & Future Strategist

Alexander Pinker

Alexander Pinker is an Innovation Profiler, Future Strategist, New Media Specialist and Startup Expert.

Born in 1989, the entrepreneur and futurist has been working in innovation and future consulting, as well as cross-media communication for years. He founded the company “Medialist Innovation” in 2011, during his “Bachelor of Arts” studies in media management at the University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt. In 2020, the companies “AP Innovation-Profiling” and “innovate! communication” were added.

The group of companies for innovation consulting, trend research and innovation marketing deals with digital change by means of innovation profiling.

Alexander Pinker supplemented his academic education with a part-time Master of Science in Corporate Communications at the University of Applied Sciences for Economics and Management (FOM) in Munich.

Since 2015, Alexander Pinker has been a board member of the startup network SUN e.V., which volunteers to help active and future founders, entrepreneurs, investors and mentors from various industries and at different stages of the startup process, acting as a business enabler on their way through the corporate world.

In 2020, he received the Isarnetz Creator Award Corporate for his work in innovation communication.

Alexander Pinker is a lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt in the subject “Innovation and Trend Management”, author, blogger and podcaster.

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