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Welcome to the VUCA world. Our society and our companies are continuously changing. This chapter deals with the fundamentals of change.


Whether artificial intelligence, robotics, LIDAR, SLAM or immersive technologies such as augmented reality and virtual reality. Here you can learn everything about the technological future of logistics.

Change in the way of working

From sustainability to additive manufacturing. In this section, we take you into the world of tomorrow and show new demands on tomorrow's logisticians.

Change in logistics

Logistics is changing. Here you can learn all about the innovations in the production halls, warehouses, on the premises and on the way to the customer.


The path to implementing such a transformation is not an easy one. For this reason, we also share in the book the most important steps to a successful transformation of processes and logistics as we know them.

Identify partner

The future is very difficult to shape alone. You need the right partners to support you every step of the way. Partners here are startups, science and research, or even the competition.

Planning and communication

Innovation in logistics requires strategy and transparency. Find out here which tried-and-tested models are possible here and how you can get your employees on board.


To really drive change in logistics, you need a vision of the future. So here we take a look at an ideal future in which all the scenarios from this book have been optimally realized.

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The book

How will logistics change? Read our ten theses for the future.


The authors

Learn more about the background of the authors Alexander Pinker and Marco Prueglmeier.


The future

Find out more about our exclusive advanced training bundle on innovations in logistics here.

More about the Book


Technologies, innovations and trends in logistics develop faster than ever. The authors take the reader through a multitude of new technologies and future trends and describe the achievable effects. State-of-the-art IT and computer technology, additive manufacturing and cloud computing are just as much a part of modern logistics systems as autonomous mobile robots. Like modular construction kits, modern industrial systems are built from the most suitable technologies. Looking beyond the mere technology, the authors also illustrate the  role of project partners implementing such systems and, of course, humans in their working environment as users of the technologies.
The book is designed as a guide through the changes in the logistics sector and encourages its readers to dare innovations: with high practical relevance, a comprehensible overview of new technologies and their fields of application, clear advice for the solution-oriented introduction as well as concrete implementation of new technologies and finally a vision of where individual companies can develop to in the future. Be it in production with the associated logistics processes, or for the entire supply chain to the customer. The book is not only for large corporations, but specifically also for small and medium-sized enterprises that are open to innovation and want to drive new technologies in logistics forward.

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The experts

Alexander Pinker & Marco Prüglmeier

Innovation-Profiler & Future Strategist

Entertaining. Visionary. Universal.

Alexander Pinker

Learning & Communications

Logistics Expert & Innovator

Focused. Innovative. Creative.

Marco Prüglmeier

Logistics Production Expert

Testimonials of the books

What our readers say

"As a "trained" production logistics specialist and also as chairman of the BVL, I am delighted with the commitment of the team of authors, who combine combines practical experience with strategic orientation. The book encourages you to develop your own visions, open up new areas of business and to dare to innovate."
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Wimmer
Chairman of the Board, Bundesvereinigung Logistik e.V.
"A clear This is a clear path, not only for large corporations, but also specifically for small and medium-sized enterprises. Medium-sized companies in particular are often very open to innovation and predestined for it, the pilots of new technologies in logistics. Have fun reading! Congratulations on this fine book, dear Marco, dear Mr. Pinker"
Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Johannes Fottner
Chair of Materials Handling Material Flow Logistics - TUM
"Logistics is changing the world...and faster and faster. That's why it needs knowledge about it."
Prof. Dr. Ferdinand Dudenhöffer
Direktor at CAR Center Automotive Research

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