The Book in 10 Theses

What you can take away

The book is designed as a kind of guide through the transformation of the logistics industry and encourages people to dare to innovate more: High practical relevance, an understandable overview of new technologies and their fields of application, clear advice for solution-oriented introduction and concrete implementation, and finally a vision of where one’s own company can go in the future, be it in production with the associated logistics processes, but also for the entire supply chain all the way to the customer.

The authors Marco Prüglmeier and Alexander Pinker have derived ten theses for innovations in logistics.

  1. Exponential technologies will lead to more change in the next decade than in the last 100 years.
  2. Those who react too late today may already have lost touch within a few years.
  3. Lifelong learning and employee qualification are central to the continuity of the organization.
  4. Autonomous mobile transportation robots (AMRs) will rapidly fill logistics centers.
  5. Collaborative logistics robots will become colleagues, not substitutes.
  6. New ways of urban logistics will transform our cities.
  7. Those who set a smart course today will reduce their logistics costs by 30-50% in the next few years while creating new jobs!
  8. Who does not act after this book, puts many jobs in logistics at risk!
  9. Logistics will become 100% sustainable.
  10. Logistics will become the new high-tech industry: #LogisticsGoesHighTech
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